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Doug Shafer and Robert Kamen

Robert Kamen

41 minutes

Robert Kamen has written the screenplays for blockbusters including Taps, the original Karate Kid films, Fifth Element, Gladiator, Lethal Weapon 3, the Transporter Films, A Walk In the Clouds, the Taken films, and on and on. In the middle of an active screenwriting career, he's been producing some real blockbusters as one of Sonoma's top vintners with a stunning vineyard at Kamen Estate Wines. For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Kim McPherson

Kim McPherson

84 minutes

Though Kim McPherson of McPherson Cellars grew up surrounded by wine history-in-the-making, it wasn’t obvious that vineyards and cellars were in his future. Kim’s dad, “Doc” McPherson, is credited as the father of the modern Texas wine industry but Kim got a degree in food science. Doc persuaded him to study winemaking at U.C. Davis and come back to Texas to redefine winemaking in the Lone Star State. Enjoy! For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Mark Beringer

Mark Beringer

48 minutes

In spite of his last name, Mark Beringer’s future in wine was not a foregone conclusion. His family had sold Beringer in 1971. When he graduated from high school he thought he’d pursue music but changed course and began to study viticulture and winemaking. His career includes stints at Benzinger, Duckhorn, and Artesa before becoming winemaker at Beringer, the winery founded by his family 150 years ago. Enjoy! For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Cristie Kerr

Cristie Kerr

48 minutes

Cristie Kerr discovered golf at the age of eight growing up in Florida. She played on her high school’s boys team and by her late teens went pro, becoming one of the most successful players in LPGA history. Bringing the same drive she has in golf, Kerr has started two wine brands: the first one, Curvature, which raised funds for breast cancer research, and her latest with winemaker Helen Keplinger is Kerr Cellars. Enjoy! For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Laura Catena

Laura Catena

67 minutes

From an early age Laura Catena wanted to pursue her interest in science. She earned an M.D. and became an emergency room physician in the Bay Area. Then in mid-career, while raising three children with her husband, who’s also an ER doc, she decided to join her family’s wine business in Argentina. Today she divides her time between San Francisco and Mendoza as managing director of her family’s wine empire. For more visit:
Doug Shafer and David Graves

David Graves

68 minutes

As a kid David Graves loved science and he earned a degree in evolutionary biology at UC Santa Cruz. Soon though, in a grad program, he realized he wasn’t enjoying life and what sounded like a lot more fun? Wine. He and a friend, Dick Ward, founded Saintsbury Winery in 1981. Today Saintsbury is known for beautifully crafted Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, based in the Carneros District. Enjoy! For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Gerald Casale

Gerald Casale

64 minutes

Gerald Casale is best known as co-founder and bass player of the ‘80s band Devo – a group with a style all their own with hits like “Whip It.” As the band became successful and toured the world, Gerald fell in love with great food and wine. Recently this composer and performer became a Napa Valley vintner. His Fifty By Fifty is one of Napa’s newest wineries. Enjoy! For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Robin Lail

Robin Lail

80 minutes

This episode with Robin Lail covers nearly all of Napa Valley’s winemaking history – from her great-grand-uncle, Gustave Niebaum establishing Inglenook in 1879, through the rebuilding years after Prohibition, to the birth and boom of Napa’s modern era. Her story is one of success and heartbreak and of finding the strength to start over – more than once. Today Robin’s winery Lail Vineyards produces wines of outstanding distinction and deliciousness. For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Spencer Christian

Spencer Christian

64 minutes

Spencer Christian is recognized as Good Morning America’s former weatherman but is less known as a wine pioneer. He created the first national wine show in the 1990s on HGTV – and he’s still sharing his love of wine on a show called Sips with Spencer. In this episode he talks about growing up in the segregated South, his television career, gambling addiction, and tips to surviving a hurricane while on live TV. Enjoy! For more watch the episode of “Sips With Spencer,” which featured Shafer Vineyards last year.
Doug Shafer with Hailey and Lorenzo Trefethen

Hailey and Lorenzo Trefethen

77 minutes

Brother and sister, Lorenzo and Hailey Trefethen, are the third generation of their family involved in the wine business in Napa Valley. They look back at more than a century of their historic winery and vineyard property, reflecting on the challenges of the past and present, while looking forward to carrying the winery into a successful future with heart, energy, and style! For more visit:

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