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Doug Shafer and Elias Fernandez

Elias Fernandez

77 minutes

Shafer winemaker Elias Fernandez grew up in Napa Valley, attending school with the kids of prominent winery families. Meanwhile he got a taste of agriculture working in vineyards and orchards alongside his parents and later during summers at Louis Martini Winery. He was the first in his family to attend college, where he discovered a love of winemaking – a passion he’s pursued ever since. Enjoy! For more visit: &
Doug Shafer and Beth and Lindy Novak

Beth and Lindy Novak

65 minutes

Beth and Lindy Novak have lots of great memories of growing up in Napa Valley including hanging out with the Shafer kids. But things got tough when their father died unexpectedly and their mother, Mary Novak, had to figure out her next steps. Fortunately Mary and her daughters created Spottswoode Estate, turning it into one of the top wineries in Napa Valley. Enjoy! For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Richard Peterson

Richard Peterson

97 minutes

Few people can tell the story of California wine from the 1950s to today with the flair and authenticity of Richard Peterson. Hired by Gallo in 1958, later by legendary winemaker Andre Tchelistcheff at Napa Valley’s Beaulieu Vineyard, and eventually striking out on his own, Peterson lived the highs and lows of American wine during these crucial years. He’s captured it all in his outstanding memoir The Winemaker. For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Mia Klein

Mia Klein

67 minutes

As a teenager Mia Klein wanted to be a chef. In her first job as a cook, however, she discovered wine and a whole new path opened up for her. In 1984 she landed her first job at Chappellet. Eventually Klein became one of the busiest consulting winemakers in Napa Valley, producing wines for Spottswoode, Araujo, Viader, Dalla Valle, and others, including her own brand, Selene. Enjoy! For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle MacLachlan

56 minutes

Not long out of college Kyle MacLachlan was cast as the lead in the 1984 film, Dune, launching a career, that’s included film and TV roles in Blue Velvet, The Doors, Twin Peaks, Portlandia, and more. In the early 2000s, wanting to reconnect with his Washington-state roots, he launched his wine brand Pursued By Bear, producing delicious Cabernet, Syrah, and most recently a Rosé. Enjoy! For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Marilisa Allegrini

Marilisa Allegrini

48 minutes

Marilisa Allegrini travels the world promoting her families wines made throughout Italy’s top appellations. She was not always eager to be part of the family business. In her 20s she pursued a career in medicine before her father talked her into joining the family business. She has been a pivotal figure in the renaissance of wines from Valpolicella and beyond. Enjoy! For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Giovanni Manetti

Giovanni Manetti

51 minutes

In 1968, Giovanni Manetti’s father purchased a rundown vineyard in Chianti called Fontodi that he set about restoring on weekends. Giovanni eventually took charge of the winery and through hard work – and breaking a few rules along the way – built a wine brand that helped change the image of Chianti and today is beloved around the world. Enjoy! For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Danny Meyer

Danny Meyer

70 minutes

In 1985 Danny Meyer opened Union Square Café, which became beloved in New York City for its great food and even greater sense of warmth and welcome. He’s opened many restaurants since including Eleven Madison and Gramercy Tavern, as well as Shake Shack, focusing on outstanding hospitality. Danny and Doug talk about how often the greatest success is born of past struggles. Enjoy! For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Cleo Pahlmeyer

Cleo Pahlmeyer

60 minutes

Cleo Pahlmeyer grew up in Napa then headed to the East Coast and later to London to pursue her love of art history. By 2008 though, she’d developed an interest in the world of wine. She applied for an entry level job at her father’s winery, Pahlmeyer, where she took on more and more responsibilities, and today is Pahlmeyer’s president. For more visit:
Doug Shafer and Chris Carpenter

Chris Carpenter

50 minutes

At nearly 30, Chris Carpenter moved to Napa, earned a viticulture degree at UC Davis, and went on to become winemaker at Lokoya, Cardinale, Mt. Brave, and La Jota here in the Valley and Hickinbotham in Australia. In this episode, Chris talks about what it takes to make wines of beauty and distinction on two continents. For more visit:

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