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Shafer Hawk Experience

We’re celebrating the 25th vintage of Red Shoulder Ranch Chardonnay by partnering with Napa Wildlife Rescue to bring you the Shafer Hawk Experience!

Since the late 1980s we’ve integrated sustainable farming into our approach to cultivating our vineyards, which includes erecting hawk perches to give birds such as Red-Shouldered Hawks, Red-Tailed Hawks, American Kestrils, and Golden Eagles a place from which to hunt. These raptors keep the gopher population under control, which we are grateful for as gophers are known to eat young grapevine roots.

We appreciate these birds so much that when we planted our Chardonnay vineyard in the early 1990s, we named it Red Shoulder Ranch.

This year we are giving you the chance to get up-close with one of our friends in the vineyard, a Red Tailed Hawk named Maddie, who was rehabilitated by our charity partner Napa Wildlife Rescue. Hawk wrangler, Carol Poole, will introduce you to this majestic wild animal and tell you more about the role hawks such as Maddy play in our local environment.

The Shafer Hawk Experience is available as part of our 10 a.m. tasting visit on the following dates:

February 14
March 13
April 24
May 8
June 12
July 10

(We will list more dates for the second half of the year soon!)

As a thank-you to Napa Wildlife Rescue, Shafer will donate all tasting fees during these tasting visits to support their work rescuing injured wildlife, rehabilitating them, and re-introducing them to the wild.

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Learn more about Napa Wildlife Rescue: