Introducing the Shafer Fly-By — You’re the Host, We’re the Entertainment

Want to enhance your next Zoom wine party? Set up a Shafer Fly-By.

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Thanks to the many of you who’ve requested a Shafer virtual wine tasting! We’d like to offer an experience we’ve designed to be fun and interactive. And, in honor of John Shafer’s World War II experience piloting B-24s, we’re calling this “The Shafer Fly-By!”

Shafer can make your next Zoom wine party sparkle. Our experienced hosts will join your online happy hour as a special guest and for about 30 minutes talk with you and your friends about the wines you’re enjoying, offer some background on the vintages, chat about what’s happening at the winery, and answer any questions. It’s fun, social, and informal.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out the “Request a Shafer Fly-By” form below
  • Let us know the Shafer vintages you want to uncork with your friends
  • Request a time and date (Mon-Fri from 10am – 6pm PST)
  • We’ll confirm a mutually agreeable date and time
  • Be sure to confirm all participants have their wines
  • Send out your Zoom meeting invitations (include us)
  • A Shafer team member will join your wine gathering as a special guest
  • Shafer can bow out after 30 minutes or so and your party can go on as long as you want

Some Fly-By Tips:

  • Keep it easy and select wines from your cellar, or …
  • Plan ahead and purchase wines from a local retailer or from an online retailer. (As the weather heats up it's difficult for Shafer to ship to you in a timely manner.)
  • Online retailers include,,, TotalWine.Com,, and
  • Send Shafer some questions beforehand so we can be prepared
  • Let us know how geeky or non-geeky you’d like the fly-by to be – we can take a deep dive into soil types, pH of the wines, the types of French oak used in our barrels or we can keep things informative but more lightweight
  • Schedule soon. There is no fee for the Shafer Fly-By, however, our calendar is going to start filling up. Please fill out the form below and get on our schedule as soon as you know your dates

Fill out this form to request a Shafer Fly-By:

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