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What’s New at Shafer

Accuracy on our labels

Responding to our customers’ interests

(July 2010) A little over two years ago we realized that our customers had taken an increased level of interest in the percentages of alcohol in our wines. It was not lost on them that vintage by vintage the alcohol percentages on all our wines were listed as 14.9.

The reason for the consistent percentage was to strike a balance between our legal obligations and the logistics of running a winery. The 14.9 percentage has been within the legally acceptable range of one percent up or down. For reasons of efficiency we had always printed our labels a year-and-a-half before we bottle and this number was always a safe bet. You never know exactly what the percentage will be until you’ve made final blends, which can happen long after the labels are produced.

In 2007 and 2008 we started putting in place procedures that would allow us to better respond to the interests our customers.

This does not reflect a change in winemaking style.

Future vintages of Shafer wine will reflect the changes we’ve put in place and will ensure alcohol percentages on the label that are as precise as we can make them.