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The Media Mogul

How profiling success stories opened doors for wine collecting

Jorge Ferraez lives primarily in Dallas overseeing the U.S. side of Ferraez Media and its flagship publication Latino Leaders. The media company, which he runs with his brother Raul, owns two magazines and a newspaper in Mexico, and also hosts business leadership conferences in the U.S. that help businesses explore Hispanic markets. Jorge maintains two wine cellars, one in his Dallas home and a second at his residence in Mexico City. This Shafer collector spoke to us recently about how his work in media led to getting an inside track as a collector.

What was your introduction to wine?
My father enjoyed good wine with meals. I don’t remember that he had favorites, but I grew up knowing of his appreciation for red wines from France and Spain. My real introduction came sometime after college when a friend, who was a real aficionado, invited me and some other friends for a dinner in which he’d paired the food and wine just beautifully. This guy knew what he was doing and that was the first time I “got” wine. I was hooked.

What moved you from simply enjoying wine to collecting?
Being a journalist helped out. My brother and I had started our business by landing interviews with successful business and political leaders, talking to them about what made them leaders in their fields. Once fine wine became a part of our lives we started interviewing successful people in the wine trade. Early on we were lucky enough to arrange to meet with May Elaine de Lencquesang of Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande in Bordeaux. She was such a pleasure to visit with – warm and very down to earth. She poured a ten year vertical from 1984 to 1993. It was just wonderful. Very memorable.

Do you have Pichon Lalande in your collection today?
[He laughs] Absolutely! I have a vertical collection; every vintage from 1978 to 2005, with the exceptions of 2001 and 2002 which I drank already.

What are you collecting these days?
What I’m buying these days is a little different than, say, 10 years ago. That’s the interesting thing about collecting is that your interests change. As we started interviewing winemakers from other regions, I became introduced to new wines. In the mid 1990s I made my first trip to Napa Valley and starting speaking with Latinos in the wine industry there. I still visit Napa once a year and that’s led to some great finds, including Shafer’s Relentless, which is one of my favorites. I would say, overall that I will always collect Bordeaux. Those wines I can always return to, no matter what else I may try. I’m also collecting some wines from Spain and Argentina. Lately I’ve been buying wines from Mexico.

What are you finding in Mexico?
There’s a spot in northern Baja with a great climate for vineyards. The most successful bottlings at this point are Rhone-style blends. I think it’s an area to watch.